Impatient h e a r t – c e n t e r e d womxn:

You’re not here to fear rejection like bad-vibes fear sage.

You incarnated for this…here… now… alla it (yes, even that sh*t)

I help you turn pain into purpose, activate light codes, & alchemize fear all BC I K N O W you’ve got SERIOUS magic to LIVE OUT & share with the world.

P.S. You don’t need to blow out your nervous system to be successful at sharing it.

burning sage

Hey, I’m Meg. 

Your witchy ass BFF who see’s the REAL you. You’ve traversed lifetimes where magic was the norm. You’ve made deep commitments to your soul to Re-memeber & you’ve gone through some serious initiations to be where you are right now. I help you shake down fear & show the EFF UP to share your unique brand of magic with soulmate clients who’ve been longing for your gift.

I’m the founder of Soul Purpose Academy, Podcast Host, Akashic Teacher, Reiki master, Coach & homeschoolin’ Mama.


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Soul Purpose Academy

Do you want to finally shift from Healing to Healer? To confidently share your magic in a way that brings healing and support to others. But, you’re not sure what that looks like? This unconventional magic academy is for you.


1:1 Coaching

Kickstart your client magnetism & confidently launch your healing or coaching biz by by tapping into your soul’s unique blueprint.  If you’ve created it, put so much of yourself into it, integrated it into your website, created an email campaign, posted on FB and nothing… Crickets. Let’s turn those crickets into soulmate clients apply for 1:1 coaching today.


Digital Courses

Get results, like 5 minutes ago! I know you’re impatient & heart-centered and you want to dive in now. Access the magic store now & and get instant access to courses that will help you magnetize $$, heal w/ the help of the Akasha, soul-biz support and so much more to get results in your soul-led biz / life.







Pussy Tingles, Shadow Work and a tall glass of fizzy water.

I’m an organized Virgo, with a Gemini Moon & Gemini Rising.  Former Spiritual Bypasser turned Shadow Work queen (can you guess which one made me $70,000?). 

 I love coaching women to confidently embody their soul gifts. Teaching them how to become a client magnet, bringing Akashic wisdom into the 3D, creating digital courses that help you get REAL life results, multidimensional travel, and baking delicious desserts for dinner parties. 

 I help you overcome that fear that others are gunna say you’re crazy or not qualified enough if you fully step into your magic & soul gifts. I’m on a mission to support you to confidently share your magic in a way to brings healing and support to others.

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This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Are you a heart-centered healer & witch who was born to help others? Yes? Then I bet you’re ready to overcome the fear of being seen and help the people who NEED what you got? This podcast will Fuel the fire of your Soul-Led Passion and give to the tools to BE OF SERVICE to the people who NEED what you got sis all to support you to make a living sharing your gifts with the world. Real talk for Soul-Led Spiritual Leaders, Wild Women and service based entrepreneurs who’ve been playing small for too long and are finally ready to step into their power.