I know what you’re thinking “What the eff is this about?” 

I’ll tell you. I was about 10 weeks pregnant and drove over to Incline Village, NV to get blood tests done for the baby and I. I brought our 2 dogs with me so I could take them on a walk.

Now, our one dog Penny (who’s actually my sisters dog) was freaking out… whining. She usually did that when we drove so I chalked it up to anxiety and kept driving to the lab.


I got my blood tests done, choked down a saltine (BC barfing was all the rage in my life at that time) and hopped in the car with Bob and Penny. 

Penny started whining again…. 

“It’s all good girl” I said. “We’re going to the park now.”

I turned the corner to get to the park (that was about 5 min away) and the whining got louder.

“It’s ok Penny, we’re almost there…”

She jumped into the front seat and starting whining like a teapot and spinning in circles. 

I patted her back “Almost there girl.”

We were 2 min away. So close.

Yet soooo far.


She squat right then and there and shat in my fucking center console. 


You could imagine the dry heaving, yelling and all around chaos that erupted. 

“What the fuck! holy shit…. bluahhh {dry heave}  bluahh {dry heave}” I managed to keep the vomit in – that was the real miracle and got over to the park to let her finish her business…

All while mumbling under my breath “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me….”

Why do I share this story with you?



  1. It’s ridiculous and hilarious. 🤘🏼
  2. I bet you have a good “You gotta be fucking kidding me story” – hit the comment button and tell me. I love those stories!
  3. This week I’ll be dropping all kinds of fun, hilarious and ridiculous stories from my life. Why? because it’s important to me that you see it all. Not just the SPA content, not just the Shadow or Podcast content. THE REAL deal HOLY FIELD that’s makes up Meg Thompson. (yes, 💩 stories included)