“Ready to dig deep into your own ambitions and healing…? Meg is your woman. She summons you to remember your own powers. This reminder goes well beyond magic, business, or relationship because it targets your inner self. And this work is deeper than building anything… because this is healing your foundation. Your nervous and immune system.

-Ashley Agler


If I could sum up my experience working with Meaghan, I would describe it with images because words sometimes seem limiting in passion. The sky was covered by clouds, the wind moved them forward, and then the sun came out. And now if it rains, there is finally room for flowers and trees to grow. I’m now able to see clearly, because I allow myself to feel the clouds come in, and move through. Like my thoughts and feelings do. If we abandon the garden, weeds will grow and it will be a lot more work in the long run if we don’t start pulling the weeds out NOW. I advise anyone to at least take an hour once a week to be here, now, in the moment, and invite those uncomfortable feelings to the table. Sit, and be with it ALL. And ask yourself, how is this for me? And if it’s good, great!, but if it isn’t…. Then there is your cue on what to work through. This is what Meaghan always led me to see, feel, breathe, understand, and cultivate. This experience has allowed me to take leaps where I intuitively knew I needed to. In exactly 12 weeks I completely up- leveled my life with huge changes that were difficult, uncomfortable, and scary!. I can’t explain with words how worth it it’s been. You just need to do it! Work with Meaghan! This has helped me in life, business, and my romantic relationship.

-Kimberlee Caperna

Working with Meaghan has really awakened me. Learning who I truly am on my deepest levels has helped me navigate through my everyday life with more ease. It has also helped me to notice when I am hiding or not being true to who I am. It was literally life changing for me! I decided to follow my heart, face my fears, and change my job. I am so thankful for her guidance and ways of helping me see the ‘bigger me’ and giving me the confidence to step into my power and make changes in my life. I’m learning to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable and it’s not so scary after all.

Darci Osika, Darci Osika Energy Healing


I began working with Meaghan because I needed to find myself again. I was dealing with an unhealthy relationship and had lost myself. I was gaining and finding strength to be me and Meaghan helped jump the growth level up several notches. I am an amazing energy worker and through our time together I got to see just how magical I could be. She helped remind me that it’s inside me and to focus on myself again.

Aaron Daviau, Wholeness Healings