Do you have a big dream to help people see the beauty within themselves? To live a life infused with magic and help people feel safe to explore and expand their ideas of healing?

Yes? Yes? 

Ok keep reading bc I have a really important question for you: 

But first, I wanna tell you about this super vivid memory I have.

I was driving my husband’s dream car (An Audi A4 that he manifested the shit outta) with those leather seats that totally suck during the summer? Know what I’m talking bout? The ones where  you have to peal your legs off them?

 Anyway, it wasn’t summer. It was winter and I was driving the 30 miles one way to get to the shitty job I manifested. <- yes you read that correctly. I manifested this “Dream Job” at this local college.. That I realized was actually a shitty job and I was MISERABLE. 

 On my drive, I was looking out over Lake Tahoe, feeling the anxiety build in my chest as I drank my chai. The closer I got to 999 Lake Shore Drive the more anxious I felt. When mama U or one of my Spirit Guides dropped a TRUTH BOMB into my mind.

 *Short interlude: in ANGEL speak 999 roughly translates to “light worker get to work.” I didn’t know it at the time but, this job was what launched my light worker ass into my work.*

 The truth bomb was this question:  “Why are you treating your soul purpose like a side bitch?” They asked me.

Ohh shit… I nearly slid off the road… But, I had my blizzac tires and fuck man those Audi’s handle well.

 But, that question really hit me right in the gut.

 “Why am I treating my soul purpose like a side bitch?”

 I pushed it out of my mind with all the thoughts of SHOULD and HAVE TO:

 “I have to pay my mortgage…”

“I should be able to work at this dream job I manifested… I need to man up.”

“I have to be the one who carries our health insurance.”

“I should be able to build my dream biz on the side…”

 But the truth was, after working at a soul sucking job, commuting 60 miles a day and carting my little kindergartener back and forth from school I was wrecked. 

 The end of the day was met with me making dinner and my ass finding the cozy spot in the couch to drown out my unmet soul needs in some NETFLIX and WEED. 

 I share this story with you bc one of the Channelled Messages that came through in this month’s Akashic forecast was “Will you quit treating your soul purpose like a side hobby?”

 WOW, such a powerful question, right?  If that question hits you in the gut like it hit me. I CREATED this podcast episode for you. 

 In this episode I dive into 3 practical ways for you to SHOW UP for your soul purpose to stop treating it like a side hobby. 

 If this resonates – listen today