You thought it would be easy…But, it’s FUCKING HARD.

 Is there something wrong with you? No. There’s not.

 When it comes to magnetizing clients with ease online…

 It can feel like anything but easy…

 Yes, that bitch online having $100K launches makes it look easy,

 AND for some reason makes you second guess if you need to pose with less clothes or if you were actually made to do this after all… 


Or maybe you shouldn’t have raised your prices? 

 Or maybe you need to do reels? 


FUCK… I have definitely spent my fair share of moments screaming that one word at the computer…

 And wondering…

 “Why are people dropping into my DM’s asking me about my offerings and then when I share… crickets?”

 “How do I convert these potentials to paying clients?”

 “Am I even worthy of this?”

 “Who do I think I am?”

 “Can I really build this soul-led business from my mystical magical gifts and actually make consistent income?”



 If you have wondered any of the above (Like I had for YEARS!) I created something for you. *I’m really excited about this particular creation bc it blends magic with strategy*


This little sumthin sumthin is to help you go from:


 Client stagnant to client MAGNET.

 Yes, because your personal brand of magical milkshake will bring all the clients to the yard.

 Damn RIGHT – You just need a little extra love and support.

 I got you covered on that.

 Dive into the Client Magnet Extravaganza FOR FREE this week on This Crazy Little Thing Called Life.


CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 Ceremony is the Master Key to Client Magnetism 


With love & strategy,



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