Reiki Energy Trainings

Energetic Mastery Reiki 1 & 2 – The certification course to protect your energy, grow your energetic tools & help others in the process….


It’s the ultimate guide to protect your energy & energetic heal to upgrade your abilities like an overnight Apple upgrade.


Even with no previous experience working w/ energy (I had none besides yoga & meditation when I became reiki trained)…


You can create a windfall of inner “OMG, I always knew magic was real! I feel so connected to the energy of the universe! I’m not alone & I’m not a muggle after all” every time you use Reiki.


Reiki 1 Practitioner Training



If you want to :

✨ Become a certified energy healer.

✨ Become Reiki Attuned. 

✨ Connect with your Reiki Guide.

✨ Understand the chakra system.

✨ Learn the history and lineage of Reiki.

✨ Learn to do energy healing, clearing, grounding, and protecting for yourself and others

Next live training Jan 30th @ 10:30 am PST




Reiki 2 Training

Collapse The Time It Takes to Heal

yourself and others


If you want to :

✨Create healthy “Don’t Fuck w/ Me” boundaries.

✨Grow your energetic healing tool belt. 

✨ Feel safe & confident in your body to feel.

✨ Learn to properly balance & clear your energy.

✨Connect more with the energy of the universe within your offerings and art.

✨Become a portal to ripple out positive energy to others



You’re in the right place. 

Become the Energy Healer That Has People Wanting To Get High on Your Supply

Reiki 2 Training

Next Live Course Jan 30 12:30 pm PST

Activate to Level 2 {Must be level 1 certified to attend}

Learn how to:

🔥Work with the different energetic bodies {Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical}


🔥Step-by-step guide on how to perform distance healing on Reiki clients


🔥Timeline healing for yourself & clients

“Meaghan’s course SPA is like nothing I have ever done before. I have done Marie Forleo’s B-School, business masterminds, and other soulful business coaching type courses. They were all valuable, but they don’t compare to SPA. SPA beautifully and synergistically blends spirituality and business coaching. It is organized and comprehensive with practical and applicable tools. Meaghan always holds such a sacred and safe space in her group and 1:1 coaching. Meaghan is a powerful and incredible coach and healer and if you are considering working with her and/or joining SPA then the answer is YES, your soul has guided you here and you need to listen. I’m deeply grateful to Meaghan and for the opportunity to join SPA.

Kate Leist | SoulRiseMovement

Before SPA I was spending so much time in ‘imposter land’, not trusting my own voice, and playing small. During SPA I learned some really great practical tools that really helped me build an empowering and energizing morning routine and practice, as well as learning to trust my intuition and speak from my heart. I loved our weekly calls to talk with other women, it felt very safe and like a sacred container I could share anything. I really opened up and connected with the other members. I looked forward to this call, it was one of the best parts of my week! The energy healing work Meg did was amazing and was a great additional support during the program. I am excited to see Meg’s future offerings and can’t wait to take another course with her. 

Jeni Moncayo | TheStruggleisTeal

Before Soul Purpose Academy I was definitely living my spiritual practice inside the closet, it was safe and comfortable. Throughout Soul Purpose Academy I personally have grown leaps and bounds, confidently celebrating my inner witch in my business and in my everyday life. Integrating my holistic approach and practices into my current business is a huge accomplishment for me. Prior to Soul Purpose Academy it seemed like a mountain too big to climb, a desire just beyond my reach. 


Stuck, is where I would be if I hadn’t joined Soul Purpose Academy. Stuck wanting my deepest desires. Stuck dreaming the dreams but too small to take action. That is the truth of where I was. 


If you are thinking about joining Soul Purpose Academy or weighing out your options, all I have to say is stop. Move out of your head and into your heart, feel the energy in your heart. Deep love and abundance is calling to you. Soul Purpose Academy is all for you babe, answer the call!

Alexandra Gourley | Joy of Alexandra

If I hadn’t joined SPA, I would still be afraid to be seen and to be a part of. I had a lot of fear around getting vulnerable in group coaching. This has turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the course. Weaving the personal module work with the weekly coven calls has helped me to expand my willingness to be seen and to see others in their full expression! I am so grateful.

– Aurora Wellise | Lawless Botanics


Before enrolling in Soul Purpose Academy I had a vision and a dream but the reality was that this vision wasn’t manifesting into my reality. 

 Since being enrolled in SPA my dreams and visions have manifested into clear action steps with accountability not only from Meaghan and other women in the coven but also stemming from myself. I now know how truly capable I am of achieving these dreams. I have a plan and feel consistent energetic movement towards achieving the next steps towards growth and success.

I’ve employed other tools that we were taught in SPA to not only heal my nervous system but also integrate my shadowy qualities. Through this integration I am able to tap into my highest self and achieve more than I ever thought possible.

– Sarah McCallum | Massage by McCallum