You’re in it for more than just the money and… You’re ready to welcome more wealth & feel worthy, enough and deserving to receive. This is for Mystical witches, coaches, healers, intently humans who are breaking free of the capitalist narrative, shifting the way they work with money, creating more freedom and adding massive value to the world. This is spiritual nourishment for the soul.

Meg Thompson is an Akashic Healer / Teacher, Multidimensional life coach & Reiki Master. This podcast is dedicated to supporting you to welcome more wealth into your business and life in a meaningful and fun way. With different guests who specialize in the art of welcoming and managing wealth, monthly astrology & akashic forecast. This is a staple for any coach and healer who is ready to fully welcome more wealth and embody their soul gifts in a deeper way.

Wonderful content. Happy to have discovered this podcast!! Meg really has the power! These podcasts have lead me in such a magical direction. So grateful for this woman and her podcast. -sltaj 00

Yes! What a refreshing & genuine podcast! Meaghan Thompson’s delivery is clear, organic, and organized. She is not afraid to be vulnerable and speak the truth. I just signed up for a session with her and am looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. -Robyn Sadowski

Inspiring podcast I loved the first episode, an inspiring message about addressing causes of anxiety. Meaghan’s positive message, and openness about her life & struggles is a joy to listen to, and an inspiration. Looking forward to more! -Claire Elizabeth