I was so scared.

 The first time I launched SPA I wanted to hide in a corner and pretend like it would just magically fill itself. 🙈🤯🙈

 Thats actually how I approached launching EVERY SINGLE TIME before that….

 I would fall flat on my face in these previous launches and I would always chalk it up to “it not being in divine timing, not being the right program idea…that I should have more universal support and inspiration.”

 But, the reality of it was this…

 I was afraid of 2 things:

  1. Truly going all in and committing to my role as a HEALER.
  2. Being seen. Like actually seen for all my magical ass witchy self.

 So guess what? When I allowed my witch out of the bag, followed through with my launch and actually took the practical steps to get shit done… IT FILLED!

 Imma be real here, SPA is a MAGIC academy for heart-centered witches.

 We do REAL practical magic. 

 It’s not all strategy and prescribed methods to shift from healing to healer… vision to visible.

 It’s MAGIC.

 Yes, there’s strategy.

Yes, I share practical tools and step-by-step processes.

 BUT, mostly we do magic. Which is one of the top reasons the humans who graduate from this program say things like this:


“There is no dollar amount that can be applied to the transformation you will experience with Meaghan and your coven in SPA. It is unlike anything I have ever been a part of in my life thus far.” – Sara Mc Callum


 “Throughout Soul Purpose Academy I personally have grown leaps and bounds, confidently celebrating my inner witch in my business and in my everyday life. Stuck, is where I would be if I hadn’t joined Soul Purpose Academy. Stuck wanting my deepest desires. Stuck dreaming the dreams but too small to take action. That is the truth of where I was.”- Alexandra Gourley


 “All the fears that you think are the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do this program will be the things you overcome in yourself & celebrate your own growth around by the end of the program. The change in mindset from SPA is so beautiful. You are worth taking this step for. I know how much you will step into your sovereignty through this program.” – Aurora Wellise

 And you, you my friend were had the brilliant soul wisdom to get yourself on the waitlist. The waitlist that gives you access to the application before anyone else.

 AND GUESS WHAT! I’m dropping that application in here right now for you to dive in and apply. 

 Each SPA coven is small and intimate. I hand select each person who joins this container. I magically sit with the souls of each human before we even connect and call you into this container.

 So if you feel this magnetic pull.

 If your soul is saying “Um, we gotta do this even though you’re scared” It’s saying it for a reason. It’s saying it because your soul and my soul met in the sacred grove where we do deep magical healings and we connected and you said “yes!”

 Now all you gotta do is do it in the 3D.

 “If someone interested in joining Soul Purpose Academy I’d say that is a massive sign from the universe. I actually contemplated joining this course nearly two years before I finally took the plunge. Perhaps it was all in divine timing but even early on my soul knew this was for me and would bring incredible growth and expansion into my life.” – Sara McCallum 

 So if you’re ready to do say YES.


 I love you so! I can’t wait to connect human to human! It’s been so fun playing in the 5D with you!