Have you ever done this? 

You know those days? The days where you wake up feeling good, drink your tea, do your meditation and go forth to get shit done

and then….

Mama U literally throws a shit storm at you. 💩

Challenge after challenge shows up… 🤦🏻‍♀️

You stub your toe, you can’t find your fucking car keys, you haven’t eaten and your blood sugar is low and that HANGER is really getting to you… You gotta go to the DMV and you’ve been avoiding it FOREVER cuz… covid… bleh and then the people at the DMV are total tools


Instead of lashing out, throwing an adult temper tantrum and wanting to run and hide in your hidey hole, never got to the DMV again and smoke allllllllllllll the weed….

You dig deep (without having to work too hard at it)…

You tap into a space of grace & power that floats you above any and all of dat stressful ass “real world” shit that used to trigger the ever-loving-hell outta ya.

It so fucking pleasurable to be in your power isn’t it?  

I can testify that when I have really hard days and I come out feeling more ease and grace than rage and resentment.. I feel pretty powerful. Like a badass magical boss witch who makes her own fate.

Thats why when I receive messages from past member’s of SPA celebrating day’s like this… My heart feels SOOO FULL.

Because the reality is WE ALL have hard triggering AF days. It’s part of this human journey. However, when we can tap deep into our own strength and come out the other side feeling more empowered than defeated… Thats the real win.

Check out the message SPA graduate Annie sent 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


I’m not gunna lie, I received this message after a 6 hour flight w/ a toddler who was having a tantrum for a good chuck of that flight. Magic shows up WHEN you need it most. Miracles are always there and all we have to do is open our eyes and hearts to be open to it.

So, what miracles are right in front of you just waiting for you to see them?

Take a look. Take a moment and bathe in the magic right in front of you.

Right now, a miracle is my husband chasing after Benji in the United Lounge while I write this email to you.


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