You got the Good Girl Shadow Archetype

The Good Girl Shadow Archetype is most alive for you right now.


What that means is the block you are ready to bust through by fully integrating. It is the part of you who needs external validation, needs other people to believe in you and is deeply afraid of what other people will say about you if you show up authentically.


This one is super sneaky and powerful when you integrate it. This part of you is ready to come back into wholeness and ready to safely be held in your body. Integrating this shadow will bust through the massive block that has likely been holding you back from authentically putting your personal brand of magic out into the world. 


This means that no matter how much you are trying to affirm you are safe to authentically be yourself, or how much you try to get into flow, there are still these negative experiences that only seem to affirm that you have to hide who you are. Working with this shadow is like the magic key to unlocking your authentic magic & self expression.


When you integrate this into your body you disarm the external negative manifestations that keep you playing small, limiting yourself and ultimately not fully showing up because deep down you are terrified of rejection.


There will be no spiritual bypassing here! This is for you to truly trust yourself and come back into wholeness rather than searching for someone outside of you to have the answers for you. YOU have the answers for you and the best way to shift your relationship to your authentic truth is to bravely dive into the part of you that secretly loves playing small.  ← without judgement. 


You are ready to drop the struggle around feeling like you will be rejected if you authentically stand up for who you are and what you believe in. You’re ready to release the subconscious belief that you have to act and be a certain way to be loved, accepted and successful… Notice what physical sensations come up for you when you think about this. Where do you feel it in your body?


The Shadow Integration Process:

Close your eyes and deepen your breath.

Sink into your heart space.

Invite the part of you who loves people-pleasing & being what everyone else wants you to be, join you.

Listen to what this part of you has to say.

Welcome them home back into your body.



Want to bust through this block & work with this shadow more intimately?

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