Over the last few centuries people have been vacillating between remembering and forgetting the truth.

February is a month where the opportunity to remember is truly available. This opportunity will not be loud. It will not scream from the rooftops or yell from the streets. 

It will live in your heart of hearts. Like a seed remembers its job as spring approaches, this is the memory you’ll feel. You are the seed and you are remembering Spring. Three days into January and you started to remember. Sixteen days into February and that layered memory is awakening.

If you want more clarity then you must prepare yourself to be clear. 

How are you tending to your body?

Tending to your mind? 

Tending to your physical? 

Tending to your spirit? 

They are all working together. Mental, physical, and spiritual. Your emotional body is the bridge. 

There’s opportunity this month to get lost in illusions and daydreams. How can you ground them into the 3D? What are you afraid you will lose if you ground them?

If they move from your mind to your heart to your life, what are you afraid will happen?

Don your most powerful attire, dress for success, and stop pretending like you don’t know you were born for this.

Small, practical steps will win over large gestures every time. 

However, sometimes these large gestures are unavoidable.

Sometimes you need to take the big leap to prove to yourself you are worthy of your own trust. 

Awakening – this theme has been coming up for awhile. This theme has been used by society as a way to keep you asleep. It’s a way to compare where you are ‘spiritually’ with someone else.

That is false. This is and never will be a game of comparison. How can you compare god with god? 

It is all the same. You and all you judge yourself against one of the same.

What this awakening or remembering is, is an opportunity to rapidly break free of the conditioned illusions that keep you in a space of forgetting the truth of who you are. 

God. The Universe in expression. You are not smaller or larger than your ego and the collective ego.

What if you thought of yourself like the seed? Programmed to root when the season was right? When the conditions were right? 

What if all you have ever been here to do was to bloom at the right time? To die and be reborn again with the seasons? In alignment with the seasons? 

You have your own season and for some of you you’ve been blooming and its time to go to seed. 

For others you’ve been deep in the darkness of mother earth. You’ve been dormant. You will feel a call to change and transform. Trust it. 

Practically speaking the most powerful work you can be doing is in the seen realms. 

In the hidden realms within you where only you can bravely traverse the landscape. Some can guide you to that place, some have supported you to go there. 

But only you can explore the depths of the unseen realms within you to find the truth you seek.

February is a month of great magic if you’re willing to carve out the time to dive in and connect with the hidden realms within you. 

It’s a great month to lay the foundation for those big daydreams that haven’t seemed possible. 

It’s a big time for rapid change and for opportunities beyond what you’ve thought possible. But, it all hinges on you being willing to be changed. Like the seed ready to grow. The conditions are ripe. 

Are you ready to grow?

Ready to outgrow the complacent discomforts of a disconnected society? 

Ready to tap back into the sacred season of you?

Earth work is powerful. Earth tending. The sacred Wheel of Life. Planting seed rituals. Giving back your blood to Earth. Reikiing the Earth. 

Doing what supports you to connect with the Earth.

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