Astro + Akashic Forecast

Do you love Astrology?

I do.

I’ll be honest, I’m no astrologer but I’ve been intrigued by it since I could read my horoscope in the newspaper.

I remember walking around “Downtown” with my friends in this little town called Port Jeff.  Tucked away on one of the back streets in a weathered looking building lived an adorable witchy store. 

At the time, it felt rebellious to take my 12 year old self through those doors. To smell those smells and fondle any astrology book I could get my hands on.

Astrology seemed like it KNEW me. Way more than my parents understood me, or kids at school. I felt like it saw me for who I was and knew my secrets.

I felt seen.

That’s why, this summer when I felt a massive shift coming I got the intuitive hit to work with an Astrology Coach.

Let me tell you, having an astrologer in your back pocket is AMAZING. SOOO much better than trying to decipher what those apps are telling you.

Kacy, my astrologer, helped me map out my year, supported me in timing around launching and creating, gave me massive insight into my children AND gave me full permission to feel all my feels.

This only further fueled my desire to learn and integrate astrology into my life.


One day while I was listening to an astrology forecast I thought: “Holy shit, I need to see if Kacy will come on the podcast and share the monthly astrological forecast!”

And then that thought turned into a messy action- During our last 1:1 session together I said “Hey Kace, I’ve been daydreaming about partnering and doing a monthly Akashic and Astrology forecast with you. Are you down?”

And guess what she said?

A resounding “YES!”

So it is with my great honor that I share with you the monthly Astrology & Akashic Forecast for October with Kacy Danae.

CLICK HERE to listen.

All my love,


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