Heal the worthiness wound

(without out the self- judgement & second guessing.)

A 12 month Coven to shift from achieving to receiving.

Heal The Worthiness Wound, deep dive into Self-Mastery, Receiving, Bringing the 5D inspiration into the 3D so you confidently expand & help others while welcoming more wealth, ease and flow into your home life.

For magical + spiritual women ready to divorce the inner capitalistic, over-achiever who never feels good enough, healed enough and is prone to perfectionism paralysis.



  • From feeling overwhelmed & resentful that you have to do it ALL… to being fully supported by a coven of wild women who value and see you and support you to receive in radically illogical ways.
  • From feeling behind and like your whole life will crumble or catch fire without you… to having healthy boundaries like a mofo & receiving more & reclaiming your connection to your own source point to hold space for your ability to expand into your truth in all of your relationships.
  •  From being bogged down by endless to-do’s, ideas, & goals… to organized systems & grounding them down from the 5D to 3D watching them transform like magic. (cuz it is)

Your souls been guiding you to deep well-springs of transformation & healing…  And… if I’d have to guess you often feel more overwhelm than ease..

In a world where you are meant to be everything to everyone else…

To have it all together all the time…

To be perfectly healed, whole and powerful…

Is there room to just be?

As a woman, a mother, a partner, a sister, a successful business woman how do you balance it all?

What about those times where you wonder what it’s all for?

What about that deep longing within you for alone time?

What about that fear of slowing down and it all crumbling? 

What would happen to your family, your work if you weren’t there to hold it all together?


In a world where you are the glue.

When do you have time for you?

What about that deep call that is pulling you forward?

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be all of your magical self in your relationships?

Afraid that if you let all of you seep out of your self contained perfection suit that they would judge and reject you?

Is it even possible to welcome more wealth, do your soul work, be a visionary, have a family… and not feel fucking overwhelmed 99% of the time? Yes!

All of this is possible for you…

🌕 Building a life independent from existing institutions and growing and co-creating your own magic corner on this planet earth.

🌕 Not having to be the one who carries it all, does it all and feels like if you step away your whole life will crumble.

🌕 Speaking your truth, sharing your vulnerabilities, asking for support and being met with full 

🌕 Being real, open and deepening your ability to be intimate in relationships & be fully accepted & loved.

🌕 Creating more freedom, in financial choices, relationship choices, in where you wanna live and have the freedom to travel where you want to, when you want to.

🌕 You get to do work  that nourishes your soul and drop magic money in your bank account while you’re out walking with your girlfriend.

🌕  You can evolve quickly and easily connect w/ your friends, family & clients in this evolved way.

🌕 Act as a catalyst for major  healing and soul reclamation for others while you continue to heal and grow into receiving and feeling worthy and deserving to receive larger and larger amounts of money, intimacy & visibility.

Right now you’re so caught up in fixing, doing & achieving that you don’t have the space to fully receive & experience the freedom & magic you’ve already created babe…ya know, the whole reason you started doing this healing, self-mastery work to begin with.


Your programming from childhood tried so hard to make you forget magic & your powersbut, you’ve been drawn to this soul-path for as long as you’ve been here.

You’ve invested in coaching programs before & you can’t imagine adding another thing to your to-do list… but you know there must be a way to break out of the matrix, welcome more wealth while working less. (there is!)

You’ve felt alone a lot on this journey and you’re ready for a community of like-minded WILD WOMEN eager to support you in your growth.

YOUR CURRENT APPROACH isn’t sustainable….you’re ready to reap the rewards from all the healing work you’ve been doing.

🌕  Trusting yourself has always been the way.

🌕 Receiving  doesn’t  require you to do a bunch of shit you don’t want to do.

🌕 But it does require you to have support systems in place so you don’t forget who you are & waste your precious time on shit that isn’t important. 

🌕  Trying to do it all on your own is literally the opposite of receiving and can be a coping strategy for deeply not feeling worthy or deserving of receiving… 


HI! I’m Meg.

I’m your witchy ass BFF who will hold you accountable, be real AF and support you to live your life in a way that is authentically true to you & doesn’t drain the ever-loving fuck outta you. 

As a homeschooling’ mama, soul-healer, wife, & entreprenuer , I understand the struggle of balancing life, healing your own shit, helping others and not wanting to be fucking burnt out at the end of the day. (when this was supposed to be the key to freedom…)

This is why I love helping impatient, heart-centered soul women like you. I know you’re dedicated to your own personal work, you’re here to help people and you’re in it for more than just the money.

I also know (from experience) how you can be your worst enemy…

If you’re no longer willing:

 to waste time feeling like you don’t deserve to receive ( BIG TIME).

or get sucked into your ego’s wacky picture shows around why you’re not healed enough yet…

to compromise your integrity & mission to just make some more money and.., you’re ready for all the inner work to pay off and welcome more wealth in all the ways.

I want that for you too & that’s why I’m here to guide and support you on this DEVOTIONAL journey.

Come play with us at the corner of mysticism & practical life mastery.

How Devotion works:

Most programs focus on mindset, taking action & setting goals….which is good but, still operates from the achieving paradigm…

In devotion we focus on:

Phase 1: Rooting to Rise

 Healing & clearing ancestral trauma that is deeply conditioned. (to create more space for receiving)

Clearing and healing past-life trauma causing present life drama & blockages – to open up your auric field and life to receiving more.

Phase 2: You Are Worthy & Enough

Focus on receiving from deep worthiness & where all of the healing work starts to pay off.

Think more money & deeper intimacy within all of your relationships.

Phase 3: Aligned Action & play

Support to shift into those bigger dreams and goals from a grounded nervous system state. 

Think welcoming more with ease & less striving and forcing.

Phase 4: Arriving

Deeply trusting your own intuition and living your life from her wisdom.

Having healthy boundaries.

 Magnetizing amazing humans as friends, community and more to support you in your own growth and transformation.

 Feeling like the badass woman you incarnated to be.

 Living more deeply from your purpose and less from your conditioning.

 Welcoming all sorts of wealth in illogical ways.

AND there is an amazing lineup of powerful healers and teachers who will be serving you throughout the course of the year.

Aurora Wellise (plant medicine teacher & channel)

Eliana Miranda (breathwork instructor & master energy worker)

Kate Leist (Kundalini Teacher & flower essence practitioner)

Denise Wood (Neuro Linguistic programming healer & naturopathic doctor)

How DEVOTION is different from other programs:

Devotion is a safehaven for women to gather and upgrade their worthiness, decondition their traumas and beliefs and welcome more wealth in illogical ways/

You don’t have to sell your kidney or barter your first born to join (this is not a $10K investment)

Jumping jingleheimer schmit you don’t have to be a business owner or the next influencer to get a metric fuck ton from this.

There’s no facebook group (thank the heavens)


There aren’t a million pdfs you need to print and work from, you don’t have to attend 5 calls a week and you get to fully be and receive.

Results & Praise for Meg’s Containers:



Ash remembered her powers, healed her foundation & created ease in success:

“Ready to dig deep into your own ambitions and healing…? Meg is your woman. She summons you to remember your own powers. This reminder goes well beyond magic, business, or relationship because it targets your inner self. And this work is deeper than building anything… because this is healing your foundation. Your nervous and immune system. She has reminded me of ease in success and that I can have more days on the water and the income I need to feel successful. I love Meg, her wisdom and love.”

– Ashley Agler – Former Tech 9-5er turned mindful fishing guide for women.

Sarah Biz owner and mother of 2, increased her Biz Revenue & has had massive growth in her intimate relationships as a result of her inner work from being in our coven.


“The tangible results that I am most proud of are the increase in business revenue related to both businesses. I am leading a life full of healing for myself and others. Witnessing the transformation and evolution of my clients is truly the

most life affirming experience. The growth in my intimate relationships as a result of my own internal work is stunning as well.”

– Sara McCallum Astrologer, massage practitioner & Akashic Healer www.MassagebyMcCallum.com

“She’s celebrating her inner witch in her biz and everyday life and her body is thanking her for the release”

I personally have grown leaps and bounds, confidently celebrating my inner witch in my business and in my everyday life. I can’t even begin to explain the let go in my body as I continue forward.” 

Alexandra Gourley –  Women’s Circle Facilitator, Conscious Hair Stylist

“Truly Magical for her, she found herself again”

“I began working with Meaghan because I needed to find myself again. I was dealing with an unhealthy relationship and had lost myself. I was gaining and finding strength to be me and Meaghan helped jump the growth level up several notches. I am an amazing energy worker and through our time together I got to see just how magical I could be. She helped remind me that it’s inside me and to focus on myself again.”

-Aaron Daviau, Wholeness Healings Energy practitioner & Mother of 3

This 12 month program is DEVOTED to helping you receive in three ways:

  • Rooting down & supporting your nervous system to feel safe to desire and welcome more wealth.
  • Community support & sisterhood to nourish your deeper well-spring.
  • Monthly practices for you to flex that RECEIVING muscle.

Within this container you can expect:

Akashic Healing Journeys

Subtle body Work to heal resistance & open up to receiving 

Shadow integrations to create space for magnetism 

Sisterhood and support

Radical transformations that stick

Nourishing healing

Magic, Miracles & more money


Here’s a sneak peek inside how DEVOTION works:


The process:


Each month we work with a theme and within this theme there will be devotional practices for you to deepen your relationship with the seen and unseen realms.


The themes are:


Unravelling (May)

Root to Rise (June)

Play & Receiving (July)

The Soul and Heart (August)

Rinse and repeat methods to welcome wealth (Sept)

Understanding reciprocity (Oct)

Grief, Death & the cycle of release (Nov)

Charting the aligned course (Dec)

Turning in – The art of Listening (Jan)

Putting on your horse blinders to let yourself focus in (Feb)

Planting seeds (March)

Savoring & celebrating (April)

Receiving (May)



The Structure 


  • Community support. We meet 3x a month for 1.5-2hrs for our live calls.
  • Weekly Akashic Channelled Messages to tune in to {think a mini podcast for you every week}
  • Monthly Modules
  • An Amazing Panel of Guest Expert Teachers


Answers to your questions:

When are the live calls? And what if I miss a call or can’t consistenly make them?

This group meets the first 3 Sundays of the month for our coven calls at 7:30 am pst. All calls will be recorded and you will have access to them within 24 hours if you cannot meet. However, you really don’t want to miss these live healing / coaching calls. 

Is there a lot of module work?

No, You receive weekly transmissions and channelled messages from the Akasha (think mini podcasts every week) & there are monthly modules and teachings.

12 months is a big commitment… Why is this 12 months?

I find that often commitment is the exact thing that YOU need. When we are afraid to commit to something that sets our soul on fire, its more of an internal transformation than an overwhelming (i’m going to be stuck in this program forever!) feeling. How has commitment been in your life? Are you afraid of commitment because you are afraid you’ll be stuck? What’s worse? Being where you are in a year? Or having the support to heal and radically transform into someone who can receive deeply and easily? 


How big is the group?

There is a maximum of 12 spaces.


I am hesitant to join a group program of a bunch of women because I’ve had experiences in the past where it gets hijacked and becomes a complaint fest…. Is this going to happen 


No. This is a coven of women who are all committed to their own growth and prosperity. Yes, there is room for sharing and discharging however, our group calls will primarily be teachings and energetic healing / akashic healing sermons with room for sharing what you are open to receiving and stepping into. 


How much is it?

The investment is $333 a month for 12 months.  

No there are no refunds so please make an intentional investment and know that this is all for you.


Here’s why DEVOTION  is different from most other Business Programs:


~ Commitment gets to be a potent initiation into receiving rather than feeling trapped. You’re committing to be held and supported to receive all that inner work you’ve been putting in the last few years. 

~ You don’t have to auction off your left kidney to pay for it.

~ It doesn’t take a ton of time to get results. 

~ It’s not a one size fits all kinda situation. 

~ this program is built for you if you’re ready to supercharge your manifestations and do the work to dive into true healing. 

Babe, you’ve read all the way through this page. We both know that your soul is telling you what’s up. Listen to your heart, trust your solar plexus. If they are saying this is a yes, it is. Leaving that comfort zone is exactly how you’re going to get all the results you want.

Listen to your soul, she knows what’s right for you and let’s make this happen.

If you feel like you need to chat or have questions