This month is a doozy if you’re ready to partay, ready to let it go and let it flow.

If you’ve been stuck or feeling blocked this month will come as a reprieve. The world outside will be chaotic, but, inside you are reaching new levels, new spaces, and you will see the fruit of all that inner work in your 3D life.

When you doubt yourself because you’re human, come back to your intentions.

What is your intention for your life this year?

What about this month?

What about this week?

What about right now?

Can you make room AKA slow down enough to savor and play?

Can you work with all the unseen magic that is only found in Spring?

When, this month, you feel overwhelmed, go outside and plant your feet. Let the unseen magic course through you. Let yourself be breathed by Earth and her chorus of life.

Engaging with the realms of the unseen will start to be seen. What that means is all the work you’ve been putting in will pay off.

The opportunity is to slow down enough to receive it. To be able to be with the sensations of it all. To be able to hold the hard, painful transformation that is birth as well as the immense joy, gratitude and responsibility that comes with being a steward of life.

In this moment you are getting the opportunity to grow beyond the pain of your past.

Release it to the cosmic mushrooms. Compost it in the earth.

Ask yourself when you start to speak badly to yourself.

Who is saying this? Return it to sender. Return it to love.

Time to implement on all the downloads you’ve been getting. Time to take action that looks like play.

Time to make crowns of dandelions and dance with the fairies.

Time to clean and purge. Mentally, emotionally, physically.

Make room for your dreams to be reality.


The Akash

PS. Have more fun and stop being so serious!

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