Ace of Pentacles – Prosperous new beginnings

Shed- Open your heart and allow truth to flow. This month is a new beginning. You’ve laid a solid (massive) foundation personally and collectively. What if, instead of fearing the big changes that have always and will always be inevitable – 

You listened?

You trusted? 

You slowed down long enough to make the mundane sacred and you allowed the pure energy of you, of love, of the divine emerge on all planes of existence?

Easier said than done?

I think not. You are a microcosm of the entire universe in expression. On a small planet hurtling through space. 

The universe is in you. Opening up to pure potential is less about finding, figuring out, and preparing. 


More about remembering the truth and forgetting the lies.

As you open yourself up to pure potential or possibility the ego will arrive, sword drawn, ready to protect you (itself) from any unwanted change (or wanted change for that matter).

You’ve been navigating this over and over again for the last 18+ months and for the last 5 years. 

The ego is protecting you. Your job is to get in alignment with God or source and stop edging god out aka ego.

This month provides ample opportunity to do this to tap into source codes, clear old ego patterns that live in your DNA from your ancestors, to clear your energetic field to make room for your true essence to align and take over.

Healing is just coming into wholeness.

Dreaming is just opening portals to potential.

Fearing is just the old, out-dated programming.

You are being invited to re-program your default state. If your default state in your energetic body/nervous system is fight you have an opportunity to shift. If its freeze you have an opportunity to shift. Fly and Fawn its the same. 

You are being provided with huge energetic resources to re-program how you relate to the world and ultimately how you create and co-create with existence.

You can and will be invited to come into harmony with the earth. You are on the cusp of some serious magic, transformation, and joy. 

The outside world is an important mirror to the inner world changes. This will love changing rapidly. 

Now is not the time to drop your nourishing routines. Now is the time to commit and re-commit to the routines and sacred commitments that bring you closer to your true self. 

The way of the Magi is here. Your sacred space is vital. 

Tend to your body. Care for yourself. 

If you have a habit of putting everyone else’s needs first, it’s time to create a new habit. Everyone else will benefit from you putting your needs and self-care first. 

Wake up earlier than everyone if you need to. 

This is an imprinting month. How you care for yourself and nourish yourself matters. 

You matter. Your physical and emotional well-being matters. 

This is vital for so many reasons and mostly it is vital because you are creating the new programming for yourself and your world. 

Do the healing work that brings you back to wholeness.

Forgive those who have trespassed against you.

Forgive your inner critic for being so harsh.

Make amends with old hurts.

Be brave enough to face the heaviness of shame and sit with it.

The more you practice sitting with big feelings the more you tone your energetic body and nervous system. 

Get toned.

The windfall of prosperity, joy, and magic is headed your way. It’s likely you will miss it if you can’t sit and be with big emotions.

Support yourself to be with joy.

Can you allow yourself to feel into all corners of joy?

Can you savor joy? 

Can you focus on, and sit in reverence more?

Can you expand your capacity to feel love, joy, pleasure, and devotion?

This is how you re-program your nervous system. 

This is how you open yourself up to the healing magic and spiritual gifts that are available to you.

This is how you activate your purpose.

This is how you change the world.

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