Are you in the boat where you’re ready to uplevel and fully step into your soul gifts? 

Whether you’re brand new to the scene or a 6 figure entrepreneur who wants to shift from doing what has worked to stepping into your soul gifts and authentic self. I am here to support you. 

Life’s too short to be anything but your magical ass self.



Moving from Healing to Healer

I’ve always been passionate about understanding human nature, why people do the things they do, and how to live life in an alternative way to the mainstream.

In highschool I was obsessed with economics and history. In college I wrote stories about local people for the college newspaper. I loved studying about different tribes all over South America in my anthropology courses. After spending the last 3 months of university in Madagascar studying the traditional folk music of the Malagasy people, I graduated with a Journalism & Cultural Anthropology degree and went off to volunteer in Alaska for a year.

That year changed my life and ultimately sent me on the path that I’m on today. 

You probably wouldn’t  think  a surprise pregnancy and starting a life with someone I barely knew would turn me into a Coach for Magical women, Akashic Record teacher & healer, Reiki master – but it did.

I’ll have to save the WHOLE story for another time. But, ultimately after becoming a mama all I wanted to do was create a life where I could be fully present with my daughter & show her that she could live her dreams… Not just tell her.

Here are the cliff notes:

– New mom at 24. Navigated terrible postpartum depression and hid it from the world for 2 years.

– Within those 2 years my dad died. After his death, I went to Holistic Health Coaching School and it made me realize I was miserable, disconnected to myself, and living a life based on should’s.

– I started a band and sang my little heart out.

– Left said partner and was homeless with a 2.5 year old and negative $20 in my bank account.

-Worked my ass off as an Executive Assistant while shuffling my daughter back and forth from day-care and her dads.

– Navigated co-parenting with as much love and grace as I possibly could. We’re still friends because we’re here to do what’s best for our daughter.

– I met my husband at a bar. He’s from Ireland and our entire courtship and marriage (for the most part) has been like a fairytale dream come true. <<<— This is what happens when you make hard choices and uplevel your own self-worth.

– After a year of coaching school, I became Reiki attuned, then Reiki 2 attuned, then Reiki Master attuned.

I still didn’t feel like I had something tangible enough. I wasn’t calling in the clients consistently at all.  If you saw how much money I was making each month with my “business” you would’ve laughed.

I actually had a tax guy laugh at me and tell me I needed to do something else because I was spending WAAAYYYY more than I was making.

But, something inside, this fire, this drive kept pulling me forward. Can you relate?

Everything changed when I decided I was committed to doing everything in my power to learn how to market and sell my gifts in an authentic and heart-centered way. Turns out, all client magnetism really is, is understanding and connecting with people. Duh, I’ve been doing this ALL MY LIFE.

Light bulb moment. 

Since then, I’ve learned that being multi-passionate creates a powerful tool box, everyone has their own way of calling in soul-mate clients, and CEREMONY gets to be a mainstay in that process.

That’s why I created all of the unique courses and programs I offer here. Each one is grounded in supporting heart-centered, soul-led womxn to connect with their ideal clients by sharing their own unique brand of magic all while creating businesses they love that don’t drain the fuck out of them.

Some of my faves


Tetley Tea


Flower Essences


Sex in the morning


Mendocino in the Winter


Being silly and playing with my kids and husband


Any well written mystical novel that can transport me into a different world


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